Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby #2 Bumpdate: The Third Month

So, another month has flown by.  I've found that the weeks seem to pass more quickly with this pregnancy than they did with my first pregnancy.  I guess it's because Liam keeps us so busy (we've also been moving, the hubby started a new job, and we have a few other big things planned in the coming weeks).  Sometimes I feel pangs of guilt when I think about how obsessed I was with Liam when I was pregnant with him and how this time, the majority of the day passes without too many thoughts of Baby #2 (other than feeling like I have a stomach bug and counting down the days to second trimester of course ;).

Perhaps I'm being too hard on myself and life has just been crazy lately (but guilt-tripping myself has always been one of my strengths weaknesses).  There are many moments late at night when I lay awake thinking of our baby who is growing inside of me. This month, the hubby and I spent hours talking about potential baby names. I've obsessed over guessing gender. But mostly, I've laid awake in the stillness hoping to feel this little one move.  That is by far my favorite part of pregnancy. I felt Liam move for sure for the first time at 17 weeks. I remember how much those flutters bonded me with him and made the pregnancy feel real. I've felt two "maybe-flutters". But I'm really looking forward to the "for-sure ones"!

How far along today: 13 weeks+ 5 days.

Baby size:  At 13 weeks, the baby was the size of a peach, approximately 3 inches long and growing fast (as is my belly now)!

Trimester: Second!!  I'm looking forward to the nausea leaving completely (thankfully, it's already easing up some).  I could also really use the promised increase in energy that comes with this new trimester as I attempt to unpack this new house and finish up fixing things and moving stuff around with the hubby.  That stuff is exhauting enough without the additional first trimester "completely-drained" feeling.

Gender: Nothing for sure yet but we have some speculations that I will share with you as soon as I can get a post together.  We'll see if my OB can catch a peek at my 17 week visit...

Movement: I have felt two flutters/taps that I'm fairly sure were the baby (based off of how those early kicks felt with Liam) but I can't wait to feel unmistakable ones many more times throughout the day!

Cravings: Yogurt, sour patch kids, burritos (Rosa Maria's would be amazing but Moe's is the best we have to curb this craving), cream of wheat with Ovaltine, toast with spreadable butter and jelly, and BBQ Lays potato chips. Unfortunately, one night of giving into the BBQ chips plus sour patch kids made for some horrible vomiting :(.

Aversions: Mexican restaurants, fried chicken, sometimes brushing my teeth (it's crazy and something I experienced with Liam too but it can really push me over the edge into horrible nausea some nights).

The Not So Fun Pregnancy Stuff: Nausea. That has been the biggest challenge this month. It started picking up around 11 weeks. Usually, if I throw up, it's while Liam is asleep (nights actually have been worse this pregnancy) but one morning I got sick and Liam watched me throw up. He patted me from an arms-
length away and looked absolutely terrified. After that, I started taking Zofran every morning before I got up. There's no reason to put him through that. For about two weeks, I needed it twice a day even but, knock on wood, the nausea is waning. At any rate, it seems to have become more sporadic and less Zofran-dependent (though some mornings are still bad).  

Another challenge is the continued exhaustion. This has been a challenging month for our family in general.  The needed hard work with the added exhaustion has been a huge hurdle. Sometimes, my body just crashes and I nap after days of pushing myself to the limit and I can barely wake up even after 2 hours. The worst is behind us though, and hopefully, the pregnancy exhaustion will improve too. 

I cry really easily. (Motherhood already made me this way but pregnancy on top of it has increased the effect.) Baby books about growing up: I cry all the way through. And I won't even try I'll Love You Forever. I know better. 

Most exciting momentsSeeing the baby at 12 weeks and 3 days for the nuchal translucency ultrasound. I'm so grateful baby seems perfectly healthy! It is so incredible how much he/she grew! This fact as well as how amazing 3D is always gets me. I got to see tiny hands and toes and a beautiful profile and lots of movement. I'm bracing myself because this one seems to be a wild child. Liam was not anywhere near as active at this age. (He's making up for it now though!). I love hearing the heartbeat with my home Doppler. Since it's easier to find, I was able to share it with the hubby and my mom, which is always fun.  

It is also pretty exciting that I'm starting to show! It's a tiny baby bump but we can really tell now.  The hubby and I had fun taking these first of our baby bump pictures. 

What I'm most looking forward to: Finding out the gender for sure. It'll be fun to have the baby named! I'm also looking forward to settling into our new house. I need the chaos to end.

Big Brother: He has had a rough couple of weeks because of all the packing and moving. He tries so hard to help. He's a sweetheart but it is difficult since we aren't unpacked/baby-proofed and have to constantly accomplish needed tasks.

I tell him he's going to be a big brother soon all the time.  I'm sure he doesn't understand yet but we'll get there.  I'm starting to plan his new big boy room.  As I unpack, I'm starting to not see any point in setting his nursery back up the way it was (though it breaks my heart a little that we'll never have him in his nursery again).  We're planning on transitioning him to a toddler bed by his birthday so that he doesn't feel that the new baby is pushing him out of it.

I'm looking forward to a fun-filled summer with Liam.  It'll be his last as an only child.  And his first where I have lots of time to spend with him.  I'd like to do some special things with him like the zoo, the beach, swimming, etc.

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