Tuesday, May 13, 2014

18 Months Update

My baby boy has done a lot of growing up since my last update at 15 months!

Vocabulary: This is the biggest thing that has been changing in the last few months. Since he had his ear tubes placed at 16 months, his vocabulary has tripled.  It's such a relief to know that he can hear well (although, he absolutely hates the vacuum cleaner now. Vacuuming = automatic melt-down).  His favorite words are : ball, kaka (poop in Hungarian), ow!, roar, joo (juice), and coo-coo (cookie).  His favorite book is 101 First Words.  He loves pointing to pictures he knows and saying the word or babbling as he points if he doesn't.  He pretty much never gets tired of that book.  He loves reading in general though.  He squeals with excitement when I tell him to go get a book for us to read.  He's also started babbling long sentences in his own little language.  We love listening to him monologue.  It's exciting to think that the reaching and grunting and pointing and crying because we don't know what he's asking for will be a memory soon.

Walking: What walking?  This boy doesn't walk.  He runs and climbs.  Like a wild man.  Sometimes he takes tumbles but thankfully it hasn't been anything serious.  It's impossible to keep him from climbing anymore because he is on the couch in 0.2 seconds.  Thankfully he has taken our lessons about getting down feet first to heart and usually has no issues.  He does have moments where he seems to just randomly lose his balance and fall (sometimes just while walking).  His pediatrician said that's totally normal for his age. It's hard to believe that 3 months ago we were worried about his gross motor skills. It's a relief to have that behind us.

Favorite things: Juice, mangoes, mandarins (fresh and snack cups), Mommy, Daddy, riding his tricycle, cats, wheels (on cars), balls, books, and playgrounds.  
  • He loves fruits in general and juice is a special treat.  He is still mostly a vegetarian though he likes liverworst, duck, and hot dogs (I think he's shaping up to be a bit of a food snob someday :).  
  • He's a full-blown Momma's boy but he gets really excited when I tell him Daddy is home.  He yells "Dada, Dada...!" and runs to the door many evenings.  
  • We got him a trainer tricycle that I push him around the neighborhood on that he loves.  It makes him feel like a big boy and he much prefers it over his stroller. 
  • Bless our cat, Bubbles.  He is such a trooper.  Liam lays on him, pulls his tail, chases him...etc.  Bubbles tolerates it, sometimes purrs, or if he gets tired of it, he leaves the room.  He has never ever tried to claw or bite.  He deserves an award in kitty heaven someday for sure.  
  • Daddy has fake spinners on his wheels, which Liam loves spinning.  It has caused him to develop a fascination for car wheels and a need to test all wheels to see if they have spinners (oh boy...).  
  • We try to go to the playground at least a few times a week.  It helps him get his climbing energy out and he has so much fun!  He points and squeals when he realizes where we are.

Fun things: We went to go see Liam's aunt in Connecticut over Spring Break. It was quite a flight and Liam was a handful but he had a good time.  We went to a children's museum and visited Yale. He enjoyed meeting the Yale Bulldog as well as his Aunt's dog (who also deserves an award).  We also went to the airshow in town later in the month.  

Funny story: We came home from shopping one afternoon and Liam was playing with the mangoes we bought at the store.  I was putting away some of the other groceries.  When I turned around he'd gnawed a hole in one of the mangoes.  His eyes were wild, afraid I'd come and snatch it away.

Stats: 24lb 9oz (30th percentile for weight) and 2ft 8in (60th percentile for height).  Not sure where my chunky baby went but it must be all that constant motion and his vegetarian preferences making him tall and skinny now.  He's actually wearing the same size shorts as last summer.  His belly was so big we had to go up to 12 and 18 mo shorts so they fit perfectly now although he's wearing some 2T as well.

Behavior: Overall, he's a wild child but super sweet.  He has his moments of hitting and pinching (we're working on it) but he is sensitive to when he upsets me and comes and tries to cuddle and give me hugs to make up for it.  Of course, he has tantrums but I think they have room to get worse since distraction or spending time with him or ignoring him for a few seconds still quells them.

Best part: I've graduated school and have started my year off as a stay-at-home Mommy.  Liam's last day of daycare was on Friday (during my graduation).  I don't think he realizes yet that he's not going back.  I'll end with a picture of him on his first day of daycare a year ago and Friday.

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