Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Toddlerhood in Full Swing: 16 Months

I can’t believe my little guy is headed toward a year and a half now.  Time sure flies!  This month has been full of firsts for our baby boy so I wanted to share some of the excitement.

My baby started walking this month!  I took him to his first physical therapy appointment (for not walking) and the PT freaked me out that his feet were pointed out too much, his ankles were too weak, and that everything was just all wrong.  She said he'd need braces up to his knees and lots of PT....Eek! (I feel anxious even now thinking about what she said despite knowing that he's fine!)  At any rate, she must have scared Liam too because he started walking that same day!   He took 3 steps from me to a chair.  I was beyond thrilled!  From there, within a week he was toddling everywhere.  It’s so cute!  I love watching him toddle around the house.  It’s definitely made him even more mobile.  Lately, it’s not an uncommon sight for me to be chasing after him as I attempt to brush his hair, put his shirt on, etc.  (And he’s fast!)  He also refuses to sit still now.  He wanders restaurants and squirms to get down as soon as we step outside in the morning.  He's a real toddler now with places to go and things to discover!

My baby had his first haircut.  He looks like such a handsome little BOY now!  We went to a local barbershop that my husband uses for his haircuts.  They don’t have a kids haircut place where we live unfortunately.  I was a little worried but they and he both did great!  I had to hold him in my lap since he wouldn’t sit on the padded plank they set up for him and he moved a lot but the barber was great.  We got the whole thing on video, down to Mike (the barber) talking about how lucky we were that Liam is a boy because we only have one penis to worry about (I know...WHAT??!).  I’m sure it’ll be hilarious when we watch it in years to come.

I weaned my baby. This one was a tough one.   Originally, I was going to let him self-wean.  But we made the decision to start weaning months ago.  (There were a lot of personal/family decisions that played into this.)  I went very slowly, cutting back one feed each month.  Each time the transition was smooth, but this month I cut out that final feed, the one before bedtime.  This was harder than I thought it would be!  On ME not him! (more on this sometime) I was dreading how he’d take it, but he did really well.  We gave him some toddler formula before bed (which he loves!) instead of nursing but kept everything else the same.  I rocked him, sang to him, brushed his teeth and read to him like I do every night then put him to bed.  He had no trouble sleeping!  He has taken to pulling my shirt down at times as if he's checking to see if my breasts are still there.  But that's really the only change in behavior he's had. 

Coloring for the first time.  I’ve been trying forever to get Liam to color.  I see people posting pictures of their kids coloring at his age, but until now, the concept was lost on him.  He loves to eat crayons (which I think is partly because he always gets them at restaurants...I can see how this can be confusing) and he loves to beat them against hard surfaces (AKA: break them).  I finally got him to scribble using the big baby crayons my mom got him for Christmas.  Once again, I was through the roof.  (I'm sure you can see a trend here in my reactions.  Thankfully, he's too young to say "Mooooommm, please!")

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